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Hiring a party bus for your wedding day

Posted by on Jun 26, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Hiring a party bus for your wedding day

If you have a lot of out of town friends coming for your wedding, the period between the wedding ceremony and the reception can be a bit daunting. Offering your more party-hearty friends a place to hang out and enjoy each other before the reception is a great way to let your old university or school friends connect without having to make small talk with your husband’s relatives. Here are some tips to making it go smoothly. Send out invites to the over 18s only When you send out invites to your wedding, be sure to let people know there will be some options to fill their time between the wedding, including free time to nap and refresh, tourist walking trails or the party bus. Make sure to indicate that the party bus is only available for the over 18s, as you will be organising for alcohol to be consumed in the vehicle. This should be enough to make sure your friends don’t end up babysitting your husband’s 16-year-old cousins. Allocate a drinks co-ordinator While alcohol is permitted on board party buses, it’s a strictly BYO set up. Allocate one friend to buy alcohol for the party, but stick with ready-to-drink options likes premixed spirits, beer and small wine bottles so no one has to act as the bar keeper. Have a range of drinks, and if you are not sure what to buy, send a survey to confirmed bus guests asking them what they’d like to drink. Party buses are great because no one has to act as timekeeper or designated driver to make sure your friends turn up to the reception at the right time. Organise a scenic route If your wedding is a reunion for some of your old friends, in your home city or somewhere else, they’ll probably want to take lots of photos for their social media accounts. Organise with your driver to take them to a couple of scenic places where they can get their own photos while you are off getting the professional photos taken of your wedding party. A party bus is great way to keep your party-hearty wedding guests in one spot and enjoying themselves between the wedding ceremony and the reception. Your friends will be grateful that you have organised them a place to spend some time together and hangout on your special day. Make an inquiry today to start organising your wedding day party bus...

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