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What are some benefits of staying in a city hotel?

Posted by on Mar 9, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on What are some benefits of staying in a city hotel?

If you are planning on traveling soon, you will need to decide on your accommodations. In many areas, you can choose between a hotel in the countryside where you are a bit further from other people and therefore in a quiet spot, or a city hotel right in the middle of the action. Here are some benefits to choosing city hotel accommodation. You Will Be Close to Dining A major benefit to choosing a city hotel is that you will be close to many different dining options. This is not only convenient, but it saves you from having to choose a hotel with on-site dining or a continental breakfast. These hotels are sometimes more expensive just to have this and other extra amenities. If you don’t mind eating outside the hotel, but would like a variety of options in close proximity to the hotel, hotels within a city are an excellent choice. It often gives you many choices, from casual dining and fast food, to upscale restaurants. They Are Close to Attractions You will also find that different types of attractions are closer to this type of hotel, as opposed to one that is in a country or rural area. The larger hotels are frequently close to bigger attractions, such as museums, theme parks, and downtown areas. There are also smaller hotels that might be close to the neighborhood park, shopping mall, or local farmer’s market. In both cases, it gives you a central location where you are near all the best activities and attractions in the destination city, giving you more opportunity for exploring the city without having to travel too far. There is Easy Access to Transportation Many people do not have their own vehicle with them when traveling, unless it is a road trip. So you will likely need to arrange transportation. Unless you are renting a vehicle when you arrive, you might be looking for a hotel close to taxi services or public transportation. This is a major benefit of city hotels. You are likely near bus stops, train stations, and if you are in downtown, close to where taxi cabs are looking to pick people up. You might also be in an area with trolleys and other forms of transportation. With a country hotel, having your own car or hiring car service is often the only transportation available. Even if a taxi can pick you up there, it might end up costing more than if you were able to hail a cab in the...

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Tips For Investing In Fleet Tracking And Fleet Management Systems

Posted by on Feb 2, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Tips For Investing In Fleet Tracking And Fleet Management Systems

The use of fleet tracking and fleet management systems allows freight transporters to guarantee the safety and security of transit goods. They can be very beneficial for a freight transport company, but there are a few options to consider when buying these systems for your company. This article discusses a few factors to be considered when looking to invest in fleet tracking and fleet management software applications. Active Vs Passive Tracking Systems Fleet tracking systems fall under two broad categories. This categorization is based on the manner in which the tracking system operates. Passive tracking systems will collect all relevant information about transit vehicles. Such information includes the route taken by the driver, location and duration of stop-overs during the trip, information about the vehicle’s engine and so on. Passive tracking systems record this information for retrieval once the freight transport vehicle reaches its final destination (or arrives back at on company premises). Active fleet tracking systems will also record relevant information about a transit vehicle.  However, such information is sent to the tracking company in real time. As such, active tracking systems will provide a freight transporter with up-to-the-minute information about the location and condition of transit vehicles. In a large number of cases, freight transport companies will choose to invest in an active fleet tracking system due to the obvious advantages. However, active tracking systems will not function in the absence of GPS or mobile connectivity. Therefore, the loss of freight data is a possibility when transit goods are to be delivered in remote areas where mobile or GPS connectivity is a problem. Management Software Fleet management software applications are useful in the sense that they analyze the data generated by a fleet tracking system for easier interpretation. There are three types of fleet management software applications. Web-based management software applications are often preferred for the convenience of being able to access information wherever there’s internet connectivity. The same applies to mobile-based software applications for fleet management. Mobile-based applications provide the transport company with a downloadable software application that acts as the service platform. These applications allow a freight transporter to access important information on their hand-held mobile device. Stand-alone software applications are also available for fleet managers. Stand-alone applications are installed on office computers and the information they provide is not accessible away from the office. However, they are beneficial in the sense that they allow for customization of the application in line with the specific needs of the transport company. In comparison, web and mobile-based management software applications are often designed with the “one-size-fits-all”...

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Considerations When Choosing a Private Boat Charter

Posted by on Nov 30, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Considerations When Choosing a Private Boat Charter

If you want to try something fun and exciting for your next trip or holiday, a private boat charter is one of the best options. Private charters allow you to enjoy all the fun of sailing without incurring the annual docking and maintenance costs. You are also able to visit and stay in different locations without going through the hassle of repacking. Boat Charter vs. Rental Chartering a boat is quite distinct from boat rental, despite the fact that they both involve using someone’s boat at a cost. Boat rentals usually involve smaller boats such as motor boats and power boats, which are usually rented on an hourly basis. Chartered boats usually range from bigger sailing boats to yachts, which are usually equipped for longer voyages. Before chartering a private boat for your trip, there are various considerations that you need to have in mind. These include the following. Types of Private Charters Private boat charters can be categorized into three types: Crewed charter, captain-only charter and bareboat charter. Crewed charter. This type of charter boat comes with a captain and a crew who take over operations throughout the entire trip. Operating expenses such as fuel and port expenses are also included in the package. When choosing this kind of private charter, getting a good crew is important in ensuring you get the ultimate experience. Captain-only charter. These private charters come with the captain only. You are required to handle the crew duties such as cooking, cleaning and other provisions or hire your own crew for these services. Bareboat charter. This is where you charter the boat only and are responsible for operating the boat, hiring a crew, buying provisions and overseeing all other operations. This kind of charter requires you to be an experienced sailor with a valid license that validates you as having the desired competence to operate the boat of your choice. Basically, a bareboat charter gives you total control over the boat. Choosing a Private Charter Company There are various charter companies that you can choose from that range from small sailboat companies to large companies. The type of company you go for can be primarily based on the type of trip that you want and your budget. If you desire a simple inexpensive trip, you can go for companies that offer small to medium sized sailboats. For a deluxe experience, you can go for a full-service company that avails extras to the charter package such as a pool, hotel at the base and mini-resorts, among others. If your budget is limited, you can still get the ultimate experience, but with slightly altered expectations. When choosing a private charter company, have in mind that you can choose to deal with the company directly or indirectly through a broker. A broker will give a variety of choices and packages, making the process less cumbersome. You will also get an honest and unbiased opinion about companies since they deal with different charter...

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Hiring a party bus for your wedding day

Posted by on Jun 26, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Hiring a party bus for your wedding day

If you have a lot of out of town friends coming for your wedding, the period between the wedding ceremony and the reception can be a bit daunting. Offering your more party-hearty friends a place to hang out and enjoy each other before the reception is a great way to let your old university or school friends connect without having to make small talk with your husband’s relatives. Here are some tips to making it go smoothly. Send out invites to the over 18s only When you send out invites to your wedding, be sure to let people know there will be some options to fill their time between the wedding, including free time to nap and refresh, tourist walking trails or the party bus. Make sure to indicate that the party bus is only available for the over 18s, as you will be organising for alcohol to be consumed in the vehicle. This should be enough to make sure your friends don’t end up babysitting your husband’s 16-year-old cousins. Allocate a drinks co-ordinator While alcohol is permitted on board party buses, it’s a strictly BYO set up. Allocate one friend to buy alcohol for the party, but stick with ready-to-drink options likes premixed spirits, beer and small wine bottles so no one has to act as the bar keeper. Have a range of drinks, and if you are not sure what to buy, send a survey to confirmed bus guests asking them what they’d like to drink. Party buses are great because no one has to act as timekeeper or designated driver to make sure your friends turn up to the reception at the right time. Organise a scenic route If your wedding is a reunion for some of your old friends, in your home city or somewhere else, they’ll probably want to take lots of photos for their social media accounts. Organise with your driver to take them to a couple of scenic places where they can get their own photos while you are off getting the professional photos taken of your wedding party. A party bus is great way to keep your party-hearty wedding guests in one spot and enjoying themselves between the wedding ceremony and the reception. Your friends will be grateful that you have organised them a place to spend some time together and hangout on your special day. Make an inquiry today to start organising your wedding day party bus...

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